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Giving yourself a whole day allows you longer to sink into your Chi Kung experience and gives time for you to integrate and meditate. Chi Kung synergises well with many other healing methods and exercise techniques.

Chi Kung methods encourage you to tune in with all that supports you, so you can let go. Letting go of tension is always a good beginning for a Chi Kung or Tai Chi session, as then there is space to receive the fresh Chi, so you first of all, you take care of your inner self. From here, the energy supports us so we can be more fully present and learn to live in harmony and balance with those around us. We so often put ourselves last on the list, especially if we have a demanding family or job, or both! Finding time to truly resource you can in itself be a challenge. These workshops offer you the opportunity give yourself the consideration you deserve (others will benefit too!)

New Forest Chi Kung offers a variety of evening and weekend trainings to give you the opportunity to expand your practice and experience.

Please contact us to book via the email link at the top of the page 'Contact us'.


Tuesday evenings every month

1 Oct, 5 Nov

6.30 - 8.30pm

Venue: BOLDRE WAR MEMORIAL HALL Pilley, Boldre. SO41 5QG

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A golden opportunity to learn, hone and cultivate your Chi Kung around;

• Stress and tension release exercises

• Joint flexibility movements

• Earth gathering forms

• Metal element moves and meditations

• Walking meditations

• Noticing where your system expresses the Yin and Yang of existence, the draw to balance

£20 in advance or £25 on the night

This is an intermediate level session - or if you have practised Tai Chi, Yoga or Meditation.

BA DUAN JIN - 8 Pieces of Brocade

12 Oct, 9 Nov, 7 Dec

Venue: Milford Village Community Centre, Milford-on-Sea, SO41 0PH

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Chi Kung is at the roots of Tai Chi and other martial arts. This underpinning can be practised succinctly by utilising this sequence of co-ordinated movements, breathing and standing meditation. The Baduanjin set is one of the oldest recorded Qigongs and most commonly used Chinese exercise. This training gives you the fundamental grounding, and stimulation of all the major meridian lines. Baduanjin translates as Eight sections of brocade, referring to the 8 different movement forms that gives the practitioner a sense of the unfolding of a piece of precious cloth, itself woven with the finest silken-like threads. The Baduanjin is regarded as a form of medical Qigong intending to improve health, rather than the martial forms, although they do utilize this set as a preparation for their practices.

In these afternoon sessions, Clara will guide you through these exercises and will include preparation practice by connecting with and moving from the centre, freeing up joints and finding more flexibility, as well as moving with the rhythm of your breath, weight transfer and balance practice. Each section of the 'Brocades' will be systematically introduced with repetition a key aspect of the training, creating a healthful, correctly considered pathways of co-ordinated body, mind and spirit experience. These sessions are suitable for newcomers as well as the more well-versed practitioners of Chi Kung/Qigong and Tai Chi.

Cost £20 or £17.50 if you book in advance £15 concs

To book and for more information contact the Chi Office on;


22/23 November 2013 ~ 10.00 – 5.00pm

Venue: BOLDRE WAR MEMORIAL HALL Pilley, Boldre. SO41 5QG

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With Clara and Richard Ellis

'Healing is a natural process we are programmed for, Reiki and Chi Kung increase that capacity'

Chi Kung helps to clear energy channels and de-stress the body by unwinding body patterns that get in the way of stillness and impeded healing energy flow. Through movement and meditation we learn to observe places of stagnation, places where we are holding on, as well as noticing your natural energy ebbs and flows.  

This two-day retreat style seminar will give you time and space to listen to and explore your own energy system and how you can best access is healing and transmitting potential. The aim is to be able to consciously place yourself in the optimum position to facilitate a clearer channel of the Universal healing system known by many as Reiki, to flow through you. This can result in creating more natural vitality. a stable grounding position and a better connection in.

You will also give and receive Reiki treatments.

Chi Kung offers us some remarkably simple but effective tools to utilize prior to and whilst bringing Reiki through, resulting in more effective healing sessions. 

You will learn important preparation exercises teaching you to ground and gather chi energy from your environment and so much more to bring to your treatments. We will teach you clearing sequences, breathing techniques, postural considerations, visualisations and movements, allowing a more powerful Reiki facilitation and therefore more effective healing for you and your Reiki recipient.


• Clearing, sweeping movements all around the body, as a repeated sequence, for refreshing the meridian channels, so that the Chi can flow freely, with particular emphasis on the heart and pericardium lines, the water meridians and the central channels.

• Clearing as an integral part of your procedure for prepping the healing space used, for between treatments.

• Gathering Chi from the Earth into the Chakras for stability, energetic harmony and resourcefulness - we need to be replenished ourselves, before bringing Reiki through effectively for others.

• Preparing for a treatment, feeling your Chi/Ki

• Self healing and healing exchange.

• Chi Kung moves useful during treatments.

• Settling and integrating with Reiki Meditation.

This intensive training is open to level 2 and 3 Reiki practitioners to help continue your personal and professional development

Look...! Special Early Bird's Discount...
Book by 27th Sept and pay only £225!

Normal Price after then £300

Contact us here for more details and booking.

Hear Clara and Richard talking about Reiki Chi Kung here...


Explore all the elements to inspire your health-full-ness


DETOX 2 RETOX!... 1.30 – 7.00pm

INSPIRATIONAL CHI... 10.00am – 5.00pm

FIRE and WATER... 10.00 – 5.00pm

Venue: BOLDRE WAR MEMORIAL HALL Pilley, Boldre. SO41 5QG

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Learn to; reduce stress, reverse aging, increase vitality and RESOURCE! through the power of Chi Kung movements, meditations and colours.

Contact us here for more details and booking.


Unwind the old, invite in the new!

We live in a toxic world, our minds and bodies are like filters through which many toxins travel. This has an impact on our body organs causing cellular stress due to compromised functions. This can affect our ability to focus and concentrate. Our minds and our bodies are in overload. There is such a richness of opportunity on the planet, what to choose? how to prepare?

We are self-healing units, programmed to repair and using the power of Chi Kung, mind, body and spirit exercises we can offer space to engage our minds with our bodies to achieve an efficient and effective recuperation time. Chi Kung helps to get your mind and body working together harmoniously for your greatest benefit.

A series of easy to follow, gently intense movements and meditations will help to soothe and promote healing from the inside out. Underpinned by the 5 element theory, we employ their combinations to ensure a thorough workout from the deep cells to the outer skin.

The Water element inspires movements of flow, we cleanse and invigorate the kidneys to get the flow going. You are encouraged to drink high quality water. The Wood element comes in as a tonic to the Liver a vital organ for detoxing and creating positive healthful pathways to recovery. The Earth is a constant supportive companion to us and our elements, ensuring the composting of the old energetic debris and bestowing us with fresh vital Chi. The Metal element supports the lungs and colon, both organs of elimination.

We focus on de-toxing for you here as the re-toxing is entirely up to you! as perpetuated by our culture, environment and personal choices. After the session you will come away feeling refreshed and invigorated, with heightened sensitivity and awareness. A good influx of quality water is highly recommended to clear out the toxins released during the session. You remember that you do have choices; old habits that were once useful could be re-appraised for their appropriateness to now. What can you easily give up and what could you choose to introduce? One thing at a time! Make choices with your integrity and sense of inter-connectedness with each other and the Earth.


Your breath is fundamental - it is the most important function of your body. Giving space to connect with your breath is as great a gift as the breath itself, for herein lies your way to the harmonisation your whole body, ind and spirit system.

A subtle, experiential approach is best, noticing the different qualities of your breath, the Yin and Yang components and the four stages. Moving with your natural breathing rhythm and using it as a focus for meditation are all hugely powerful ways to create balance from a cellular level up.

Fantastic for calming anxiety and fear, reducing blood pressure and giving you a background of calm from where to view your world. Spontaneous Chi Kung forms will be explored, from a depth of connection to the Earth, through the flow of Water, the power of Wood into the expansion of inspiration!

FIRE and WATER ~ the YIN YANG of the elements.

Offering you time to relax, release and resource.

One cannot exist successfully without the other, each both control and inspire the other, creating a dynamic that produces creativity and expression from a place of deep resource.

The day will offer you time to explore the contrasting and complimentary properties of both, with Fire representing the season of Summer and the phenomenon of heat rising and expanding; and Water representing the Winter - a time of stillness and rejuvenation.

Balancing these two principles gives you access to your deep internal strength and power.

Fire can purge the old energetic debris, just as Water can flush it away. Giving you a clearer space to create and express the truth of your inner nature.

Water is frequently used metaphorically in the Taoist and other traditions around transformation as its flexible properties allow a metamorphosis from cold and deep through to flow, buoyancy and power as well as vapourising finely into thin, light high steamy mist.

The Air element will also be considered as will Mother Earth.

Bird movements are considered to express the rising and falling characteristics of the chi, exercising your arms and lungs and stimulating your Fire meridians. With colours entering into the meditations and chi flow. The colours associated with Water is traditionally deep blue and shiny black, with all shades of red correlating with the Fire.

The classic 'holding the ball' standing posture will be explored from this Fire and Water balancing perspective - deeply resourcing and yes, central to Tai Chi practice too. Suitable for those of you who have had some experience with Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation and breath work, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reiki or similar.

A wonderful opportunity for Colour practitioners to experience how Chi Kung really inspires the colour work. The combination of Colour and Chi Kung gifts you accessible tools to help gain clarity, harmony, resilience, resource, rejuvenation, peace and JOY!

Recent feedback from Colour Chi Kung participants;

'After this, I truly felt pampered, enlightened and uplifted. I loved this synergy of Colour Chi Kung and would recommend it as a way of truly connecting with the elements and your inner self. Certainly a more powerful way of getting your Chi moving, feeling stronger and more balanced as a person.. !'

'Connecting with Gaia and using Chi Kung movement (which was completely new to me) moved me into a different space entirely and brought up some "stuff" for me to deal with and release...the combination of Colour Mirrors and Chi Kung take Colour Mirrors into a different dimension. I am so glad I didn't miss this.'


CHI KUNG - April/May time 2014 dates TBC

Venue: The Glass House, Manzanares el Real, 28410 MADRID, SPAIN

Chi Kung/Qigong ~ 'The only exercise form that gives you energy!'
Clara will visit Manzanares el Real after Easter to offer a free talk and workshops on how Chi Kung's powerful yet gentle body, mind and spirit exercises can help you regain your inner vitality and restore your sense of equilibrium. If you already practice Yoga, Meditation, Reiki or Tai Chi then this will be of interest for you to broaden your experience of your natural life-force energy.

To book, contact Corinne in Spain on


Clara gives a verbal introduction to Chi Kung and then shares some of the basic Chi Kung breathing exercises, movements and postures. You will get a real flavour of the weekend workshops that follow and get first hand experience of Clara's clear, calm and personal method of teaching.


Increase the capacity of your immune system with specific exercises to encourage healing and recovery from illness, weakness, depression or invasive treatment.

• release old tensions, stress, fears and anxieties

• create a connection with Mother Earth for support and resource

• discover your innate resilience and build up restorative energy levels

• wake up your thymus gland - an essential component for a strong immune system

• cultivate your healing 'chi sphere'



Antonio gives a complete healing session with the Shamanic Drum, brief meditation and then a Tibetan bowl concert. This is a sonic massage that helps to balance and open up the energy flow to allow healing, relaxation and meditation in our entire physical, mental and spiritual being. Lie down or sit on cushions in candlelight.

For further information .


Use of Chi Kung forms to stimulate the detoxing of the liver, large intestine, spleen and kidneys.

• shake out old tensions

• connect with Mother Earth

• clear and cleanse with movement and posture

• reestablish who you are and where you are

• meditation to promote your natural detoxing capabilities


Stress ages us and puts pressure on all our body and mind functions. Here we work on restoring natural vitality and inspiration to feel rejuvenated! Ideal continuation from the morning session.

• breathing work to find our flow

• energise the organs, kidneys, bladder and lungs

• walking meditation for balance and strengthening of bones


• settling meditation to feel refreshed, restored and youthful


To energise the chakra system using Chi Kung techniques and colours

For maximum benefit the whole day is recommended

• warm up and clear tensions in the body

• connect to Mother Earth and gather Chi

• introduction and work on the different chakras and energy centres physical and emotional links to the chakras and associated colours

• chakra chi kung walking meditation

• chakra balancing exercises with movements, colour and observation

• healing exchange

• completing meditation

You will have the opportunity to pay in €'s or sterling.

All sessions begin by either sitting or lying down, where you will be encouraged to become aware of how you are feeling in your body and how to make subtle adjustments for an more aligned and comfortable posture (akin to Alexander Technique). This creates a personal awareness that notices where tensions being are held in your body, then you can intend them to let go. From exploring your breathing process, we encourage the unwind, from a letting go with the out breath and a replenishment sense with the in. What follows is a series of 'joint opening' exercises to increase release of tension and promote your natural flexibility.

We then continue to practise synchronised movement with your natural breathing rhythm, giving your mind focus and your body release. As you begin to explore these repeated movements, you will notice your joints feel more flexible as the chi is freed up and muscle tension is released. You will feel more graceful, balanced and energised.

After movement there is stillness and meditation time, the body has been attended to and now the mind can steady and connection to your inner sense can offer you true regenerating capabilities.

Underpinning Chi Kung theory and practice is the Taoist understanding of the One being comprised of the opposing dynamic of yin and yang. Represented by stillness and movement, in and out, up and down, light and dark. These principles are reflected in the movements and postures you will experience in the session.

To book, contact Corinne in Spain on

If you would like any of these workshops to come to your area, please contact us here;


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