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There are many more people interested in the benefits of Chi Kung practice, primarily to help relieve the effects from stress and tension in everyday life. Regular practice is recommended to gain the true benefits from this powerful mind-body-spirit exercise form, so the demand for high quality teachers is rising.

The aim is to provide a progressively integrated Chi Kung training, which encompasses classical Qigong styles and philosophies with more modern mind-body-spirit energy concepts; making this the exercise form to support ourselves and thrive at this evolving time of chaos and opportunity.

Spiritual practices that involve the physical body, such as tai chi, qigong, and yoga, are also increasingly being embraced in the Western world. These practices do not create a separation between body and spirit and are helpful in weakening the pain-body. They will play an important role in the global awakening.

From A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

The training will offer you the opportunity to explore the expression of your life force energy (Chi) within both your mind and body. Guiding your ability to listen and become more aware of how you are, noticing the presence and movements of Chi within your whole system. The approach uses movement, stillness, breath and meditation, facilitating a way through to deepen into your internal Chi flow. Your body will become stronger, lithe and flexible; qualities reflected by your mind.

The training will encourage and nurture the following skills;

• Self reflection

• Stability and connection to the Earth

• Observing stillness in the mind

• Sensitivity to Chi

• Use of intention

• Synchronised movement with the breath

• Understanding and appreciation of the bodys structure and functions

• Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts

• Taoist philosophy

As the course progresses you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the healing and preventative health care principles of Chi Kung, encouraging a safe and adept practice to facilitate teaching Chi Kung at Beginners Level.

Quoting a recent graduate from this programme when asked would you recommend Chi Kung to others and why?

I would definitely recommend Chi Kung to other people because I think it brings people to a better understanding of themselves and their place on the earth. I think it brings an interesting mix of calm and vitality at the same time. Chi Kung practice is so helpful and flexible, you can use it for so many situations and to relieve health symtoms which might otherwise have you reaching for medication. It can also been seen as a way of showing gratitude for being on the planet. I often find myself praying whilst practising Chi Kung, especially when I am out in the forest. It definitely improves my state of mind and you can practise it anywhere you want and you do not have to carry a whole load of kit around with you either!


A genuine interest in learning Chi Kung primarily for yourself, teaching is a natural development of sharing what you are learning. Previous experience in Chi Kung or similar disciplines like Tai Chi, Meditation or Yoga is an advantage but not a necessity.
Each applicant will be considered on an individual basis.

Contact us here for an application form and more detailed brochure.

Whilst on the course, students are expected to establish a regular Chi Kung practice and record their experiences, to present by email before each seminar.

Home study is assigned, including reading, research and written work. It is a course requirement that this is completed on time, as it is designed to integrate material from the last seminar and prepare you for the next.

At the moment there is no governing body for Chi Kung in the UK. The USA have the largest National Qigong Association in the West, informed by the the Chinese governing bodies for Chi Kung/Qigong training. It is with their guidelines that these trainings have been devised, and with thanks to my tutors Ged Sumner and Thalbert Allen for their high quality tuition over the years.


Seminar dates for 2013/14

MODULE 1 - Basic concepts

Sem 1. October 19/20 - Wu Chi
Sem 2. November 19/20 - The Dan Tien
Sem 3. January 18/19 - Balance and Stillness
Sem 4. February 16/17 - Central Channels

MODULE 2 - Introducing the elements
Sem 1. March 15/16 - Earth
Sem 2. April 12/13 - Water
Sem 3. May 10/11 - Fire
Sem 4. June 7/8 - History of Chi Kung

MODULE 3 - Elemental Alchemy
Sem 1. July 5/6
Sem 2. August 2/3
Sem 3. August 30/31
Sem 4. September 27/28

MODULE 4 - Teacher training
Comprising 3 weekend seminars, dates to be confirmed when there are enough interested people

Each seminar runs from 9.30am - 5pm

Attendance is required to every seminar planned; if you miss any, you will be required to either make them up at the next training offered, or arrange private tutorials, both at an extra charge.


Module 1

5x monthly deposits of 121 (includes administration charge)

A first installment will be your deposit when you sign up, to be received by the 11 October.

Modules 2 & 3
647, including 4 hrs of personal training per module

x4 monthly deposits of 164 per module (inclusive of admin charge)


For more information please email, or call 07901 933779


What is Reiki?
Reiki is a hands on healing technique, for stress reduction and relaxation promoting true healing. Reiki translates as Universal Life Force Energy, which can be accessed by everyone to accelarate healing for the mind, body and soul. Reiki is a simple, safe and effective way if you would you like to reduce...

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Insomnia

• Depression

And enhance

• Your quality of life

• Your clarity of mind

• The harmony of your body, mind, soul and spirit

Reiki can assist you to heal from a wide range of ailments; from stress related disorders like skin rashes and insomnia, to panic attacks and migraine headaches as well as pain relief. It is also helpful for people who have had emotional traumas, as it naturally balances the mind, body and spirit. Essentially, Reiki is pure love energy that promotes deep relaxation and natural healing. All you do is lie or sit, relax and receive.

Reiki uses specific hand positions on or above parts of the body that correspond to major organs, endocrine glands and energy centres. This method increases your healing potential, enhancing the immune system, clearing blockages, enabling health and vitality to return.

William Rand's Reiki manuals are referred to as a core structure for the training.

See for more information.

Reiki Training

Training yourself enables you to learn and practice Reiki healing safely and effectively for you and others, there are three levels of training and then the Master teacher training.

Reiki 1

The first level is an initiation into the Reiki healing energy system, primarily to treat yourself. This certificated course gives you time, space and guidance to learn about the history of Reiki, study Reiki principles, practice giving a basic treatment and receive healing. Experience powerful meditations enhancing your link to Reiki love and life force energy, establishing a real connection with the Earth and linking up your higher self.

Learn useful Chi Kung techniques to assist your posture and freedom within joints to amplify your flow of Reiki. More on Reiki Chi Kung coming soon, there is a weekend training retreat in the New Forest on 22/23 Nov.

See Reiki Chi Kung on the Workshops page of this site.

Reiki 2

This level follows on from the previous one, approximately a year later. Here you gain more tools and techniques via specific symbols and their innate meanings. Including the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol and the Distant healing symbol. Enhancing the effects of what you have already been practicing, these offer a whole new dimension to your healing abilities. Also included is the study of colour with the symbols and chakras.

This level qualifies you to practice as a Reiki practitioner with the general public .

Reiki 3

About a year later, you may feel called to receive & work with the Master symbol. This enables a deeper connection with Reiki source, en-couraging ancient patterns of disease and trauma to be healed. You will learn how to employ the Antakarana grid to power up distant healing work and investigate how to work with clearing old energy blocks or yourself & clients. Chi Kung & colour included.

Advanced Reiki training

To consider when you have successfully practiced Reiki treatments for over 6 months and gained enough experience to consider teaching others. This will bring you to the start of the Master chapter in your Reiki book of life & love.

Trainings occur when enough people request them and are usually kept between 4 - 6 participants for Reiki 1 and 2 with less than that for further training which enables you to get what you require from the personal attention and content. Chi Kung and Meditation are always used to prepare for healing practice including how to stand correctly to channel energy comfortably. Colour information is used with regard to the chakras.

Training and cost - 2013/14:
• Reiki 1 - 150 - Nov 2/3
• Reiki 2 - 200 - next training tbc
• Reiki 3 - 300 - Jan 11/12
• Reiki Master teacher - 400 - please enquire

Venue Lymington Hampshire


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