One 2 One Sessions

Chi Kung

The benefits of personal training can be huge. You get focussed sessions taylored to you, exploring the most effective routes to access wellbeing and vitality in your system. Using a variety of preparation exercises and Chi Kung 'forms', you will grow a personal Chi Kung practice that makes sense to you.

Chi Kung can be useful in your life for a variety of reasons, especially if you have particular health challenges, or find exercising a challenge in any way. It is also perfect for recovery after operations and physiotherapy. Chi Kung can help you re-train your system with healthier ways of moving as well as developing your personal natural energy management.

If weekly classes or traveling is not possible, a home visit can be arranged by appointment.

Colour Chi Kung

Colour affects us on many different levels, our mood, our emotions, even our physiology. It is a considered component within Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Five Element theory, along with different sounds, flavours, seasons and particular body organs. Chi as nutritive, healing universal life energy, permeates all living things but can only flow clearly around a tension-less, stress-free body. Chi Kung is an excellent tool for any anxiety related disorders, as it gives you methods for stress release. Look and sense the space around you, shake out the stasis from sleep in the morning or tensions from the day later on. This clears the way for natures colours and chi to support and guide through your daily life. Watch as your natural creativity manifests even in the simplest of things and let colour act on your layers of existence. Chi Kung potently energises these layers integrating energetically with the colour for total harmony. Colour and Chi are both epigenetic influences on the body, ie they are not DNA activated but have an effect on cells and body functions.

Colour is highly beneficial when used during visualisation meditations, bringing the nourishment of the colour spectrum in to help balance the organs. For example; the Liver, as the Yin organ of the Wood element, responds favourably to a deep Olive Green; the Kidneys, the Water Yin organs love deep Blue. Using specific exercises to encourage flow along particular meridians, the Colour-Chi flow enhances and even informs how the Chi is moving and where it wishes to be still to gather the healing power.

The Colour Chi Kung potent healing synergy can quicken and enliven your process of personal growth, where a deeper understanding can be gained through the heightened experience given by the moving meditations; bringing to light your truest potential and guiding you through the connection of conscious and unconscious awareness.

Colour Chi Kung workshops run seasonally; the next one is 'Immune boosting' with the Metal Element, where the colours are white and gold. Specific exercises and visualisations are offered to give your lungs a good clean sweep, reenergising your system to power you up for the Winter time. Currently scheduled for Sunday 25 November near Lymington, see Workshops page for more information.

Colour Mirrors

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'The kingdom of colours has within it multidimensional possibilities only partly to be reduced to simple order. Each individual colour is a universe in itself'. Johannes Itten – The Art of Colour

Potent colour therapy for the 21st Century using a beautiful range of powerful bottles of coloured oils and essences. A host of revealing personal information can be uncovered to assist you with healing, life purpose and personal evolution. Choosing bottles for a colour reading can bring into focus the aspects of you that wish to be considered or recognised right now, in order to accelerate your personal growth and inspire you forwards without fear into your next phase of development.

Colour Mirrors is a system which harnesses light, colour and energy and can be used alone or woven in with other healing modalities. At its foundation is basic colour theory but has evolved to be so much more. Colour Mirrors was created in South Africain 2001, by Melissie Jolly, a psychologist and colour therapist with many years experience working with and teaching about colour and was called Colourworks for the first seven years of its existence. The change of name came from conversations with Melissie, she would often say 'colour mirrors' in relation to how colour mirrors aspects of you to yourself. When you look at a colour and love it, dislike it and even judge it, whatever your reaction, that is a part of you in your unconscious making a connection in the moment, using colour as an interpretive language.

Using this system you are helped to shift outmoded habit patterns or beliefs, by choosing a selection of bottles for a reading, experiencing a healing session and/or bathing in the contents. The bottles can also be held or placed on the body in meditation or for healing. Each bottle has its own meaning, or vibration, far and beyond regular colour interpretation and when they are in combination the information can be quite extraordinary. The essences can sprayed into your aura, which helps reconnect your body with your spirit, letting you be a channel for divine love and light here on the planet. We are beginning to realise that we exist in multi layers and can feel these are separate, for example the term mind, body and spirit is used a lot, and yet we are all part of the one whole, not separate parts. Colour Mirrors helps us to live that unity, shining coloured, energised light on areas which are less obvious and often supressed because of difficult life experiences.

They are effective in helping you make changes as they have a direct effect on your energy body and cellular matrix. Bypassing the conscious mind they help to clear issues that you may otherwise be blocking or resisting on some level.

The system itself exists in many dimensions and has been activated by crystals, flower and plant essences, essential oils from the southern hemishphere, music and sound, the tree of life, meditation, sacred geometry as well as the power of colour in the form of natural vegetable dyes and blended in pure spring water and avocado oil. The essence vibrations are carried in pure medicinal alcohol.

See for more information.


Many people begin their healing journeys with Reiki as it helps so much to relieve stress and promote relaxation. A Reiki session gives you a chance to lie down clothed and covered so you can completely relax, let go of responsibilities and allow your system rebalance through the laying on of hands. Reiki gives you space to re-organise your physical and energetic structure. As your muscles relax, your digestion and circulation improves, chakras re-balance and your aura harmonises. Bodies naturally self-heal when they are in this receptive state as the flow of natural energy is restored. When you are in balance, anxieties diminish and your mind clears, helping more problems and challenges become resolvable.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of body, mind and spirit healing, that anyone can use. It is not religious, has no dogma and you do not necessarily need to believe in it for it to be effective! Reiki also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to help relieve side effects and promote a healthy recovery.

Treatments can be brought to you in your home.

See for more information on Reiki.


This means 'emotional transformation' and is a powerful, simple technique to help access old energy blocks in the body and give them a chance to clear. They often have an emotional root which has got stuck for various reasons. Through experiencing Emotrance we get that everything is made up of energy, including emotions, thoughts and actions. Different energies contain different information for us to digest and develop from. All bodies have channels through which energy flows freely, unless a stricture is caused by physical or emotional stressors.

We can often choose to have either an enhancing or stressful response to life's rich pattern of events but when we are not feeling so well our response can be less aware. This is when energy which has been suppressed or not been fully processed can slow its flow, back up and cause all sorts of pressures and strains. We can feel these as sensations in our heads, stomachs, chest, lower back, shoulders etc. These physical manifestations can be a combination of the over use of muscles and a result of an energy disturbance. The disturbance is triggered each time the distressing incident is recalled as an instant response to the thought.

If the distressing incident can be considered with self acceptance and compassion, this new energy of positive intention gives the space to allow the blockage to soften. When it softens enough the energy flows and finds it way out of the body. Once the energy block has been released, returning to the original thought is no longer distressing.

Treatments can be brought to you in your home.

See for further information.

All One 2 One sessions are for at least an hour and cost £45.


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