About Meditation

Meditation has been proved to help...

• Decrease effects of stress and anxiety

• Improve concentration and clarity

• Relieve tension and anxiety, promoting calmness

• Free your mind from everyday chatter

• Reduce headaches

• Combat depression and insomnia

• Increase cognitive ability and sensory perception

• Encourage creativity in all its forms

Giving yourself time to meditate can be one of the most beneficial acts of self-kindness you can do. With as little as 10 minutes a day you can regain your composure and take a step back from the sometimes insane barrage of distractions and considerations inherent in todays society. Meditation helps to train the mind to enjoy being still. There is documented scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of both meditation and Chi Kung, indicating their profound positive influence on mental, emotional and physical functions.

All meditation requires is a comfortable standing or seated position. The standing position has WuChi as its foundation. The seated position can be either on a chair or the floor, on cushions or against a wall, enabling the spine and the rest of your body to feel supported in a relaxed natural position with the knees below the navel. This gives you a deep connection with the Earth and allows Chi to flow up your spine and along the extraordinary and organ meridian lines of the body. You will be talked through a relaxation to begin with and will form a connection with your breath, allowing the relaxation to begin. Various breathing techniques can be employed with meditation. I like to keep it simple, observing expansion and release which encourages a natural freeing up of the whole breathing process.

Respiration means to breath freely again and again.

Inspiration means to draw in a breath this creates the stimulation which encourages creativity...breathing is essential to life, life is essentially creative. Oxygen is in the air, as is Chi, we utilize both.

Meditation Techniques

Taoist Meditation is generally approached after a set of Chi Kung forms, seated or standing and follows where the chi flows being attracted to where it is needed in your system. Intention can be used as Chi follows the mind, hence why it is a beneficial discipline to be able to meditate. After particular Chi Kung movements, you will be encouraged into still postures that gather the Chi created by the forms into the Dan Tiens (reservoirs of energy). The main lower dantien is just below the navel. There is another at the Heart and the upper dantien is at the 'third eye' in between your eyebrows. Simple visualisation and breathing techniques are used to help focus the mind so that everyday chatter can fall away, leaving you with a clear sense of spaciousness. Includes practice of the classic internal 'power up' loop, the Microcosmic Orbit .

Five Element Meditation/visualisation includes placing each of the five elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal into particular spaces around you. Considered with the elements are its colours, body organs, predilections and sounds. Assisted by Colour Mirrors elemental sprays and round bottles, this helps to give a deeper connection with your unconsciousness, finding the appropriate place for each element to settle and support you.

Reiki Chi Kung Meditation beautifully combines Chi Kung energy pathways with Reiki symbols and intentions. It also gives the opportunity to practise the Microcosmic Orbit meditation necessary for giving attunements.

Chakra Colour Meditation builds the natural energy from the Earth to the base chakra through all the chakras to the crown. Using breathing techniques and colour visualisations a harmony is restored. All meditations take you on an internally profound journey, the aftermath of which gives you a deep sense of natural balance, acceptance, joy, love and often renewed purpose and clarity of vision. All Chakra work is enhanced by using the Colour Mirrors system of sprays and round bottles.

For more information on Colour Mirrors see www.colourmirrors.com.


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