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Clara Apollo

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Would you like to...

• Improve your posture, balance and joint mobility

• Lower blood pressure and ease breathing

• Relieve stress, tension and anxiety

• Be more resilient to disease

• Reduce headaches, backache and muscular pain

• Combat depression and insomnia

• Increase your vitality and natural energy levels

• All through easy to follow accessible movements and visualisation techniques

If you can answer yes to any of these then Chi Kung training is well worth considering. No matter if you are young or old, able or not so able, Chi Kung can be adapted to most needs and there are classes to suit that variety.

Chi Kung or Qigong is pronounced 'chee gung' and its techniques offer many people from around the world a viable and potent exercise routine. Chi Kung has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is at the roots of Tai Chi. It is said to have initially grown out of natural movements devised by Chinese peasants thousands of years ago, to make them feel better and relieve their joint pains and muscular aches. From these humble beginnings has evolved an exercise form which promotes health on all levels, the sucess of which is well documented both in China and America.
See About Chi Kung for more detailed information.

Weekly classes are held in Bournemouth, Ringwood and Lymington, lead by Teacher training graduate Martin Common.

See more here http://www.improve-your-balance.co.uk/classes/

Weekend 'retreat-style' trainings are offered in the New Forest lead by Clara Apollo.

See more here www.claraapollo.com

On this site you will find information about Chi Kung and Meditation, information on workshops and training, also Reiki Qigong, Reiki training and Colour therapy

All Practitioner training sessions are taught by Clara Apollo BA RGN who formed New Forest Chi Kung in 2004. Clara originally trained as a registered nurse and is a graduate of the 4 year Teacher training programme from the College of Elemental Chi Kung in London, see www.elementalchikung.com. Clara is assisted now by graduates of the Teacher training programme year 1. She has been instructing in and around the New Forest area since 2000 and is also a Fitness Instructor, Reiki Master, EFT & Emotrance practitioner and Colour Mirrors therapist. Her other interests are printed textiles, music, natural nutrition and Shamanic studies. Clara is passionate about the potential Chi Kung can give to the quality of our lives. Her approach is of wisely curious fun with profound reflection, delivered with care and consideration. 'A very informed and inspirational teacher'.

Contact us at info@newforestchikung.co.uk if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting you soon!


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