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All sessions begin with some time to disengage from your responsibilities in the outside world. By either standing, sitting or lying down you will be encouraged to become aware of how you are feeling in your body and how to make subtle adjustments for an aligned and more comfortable posture (akin to Alexander Technique). This creates a personal awareness that notices where tensions being are held in your body, then you can intend them to let go. Make a conscious connection to the Earth, sink down to meet its constant support.

We then go on to practise synchronised movement with a natural breathing rhythm, giving your mind focus and your body release. As you begin to explore these repeated movements, you will notice your joints feel more flexible as the chi is freed up and muscle tension is released. You will feel more graceful, balanced and energised. Underpinning Chi Kung theory and practice is the Taoist understanding of yin yang, stillness and movement, in and out, up and down, light and dark. These principles are reflected in the movements and postures you will experience in the class.

All sessions complete with a quiet time to reflect and enjoy stillness.

Chi Kung can be adapted for all ages and abilities, from children to the elderly, novices to adepts, the physically challenged to the martial Master and everyone in between!

Overview of weekly classes


Thursday morning CHI KUNG MIXED ABILITY 10.15-11.45am
These sessions are run on a 'drop in' basis and have people from all walks of life and range of abilities. The structure is different from other classes as the session begins with a seated meditation around the posture and breath. This enables the participants to relax more if they have particular concerns around standing for too long, and is a great introduction for anyone who has not experienced this type of exercise form before. It feels more accessible for those who are unable to perhaps attend a gym or such-like due to physical challenges of one kind or another.

Exercises from this class have been taken into daycare centres to introduce these benefits to the older generation, with good results, particularly around joint mobilisation and balance issues.

G.P. referrals can come to this class through the centres Healthy Horizons programme, ask your G.P. to recommended you.

Thursday morning MEDITATION
This follows on from the Chi Kung, from 12.00-12.45 and runs as a separate course although although you will benefit more from having done the Chi Kung before, as the mind is happier to quieten down when the body has been stimuated. Taoist Meditation includes elemental themes from nature to assist you in your focussing space and quest for stillness. Colour Mirrors bottles and spritzers accompany these sessions by way of support and connection to where you are right now. See more on the 'About Meditation' page


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